It is estimated that 85,000 tons of aggregates are necessary to construct one mile of a four lane highway.


Central Valley Trucking is proud not only of the quality of service that we provide, but also of the quality of material we haul. Below are some of the materials that we haul on a regular basis. If you have a type of material that you wish to have hauled that is not on the list, please give us a call so our staff can help assist you.

Crushed Rock:  Available in various colors and sizes between 1/4” up to 6” or more.  Crushed Rock has various uses in construction such as road building, backfilling and drainage applications.  It’s also used as a decorative rock for hardscaping.
Class 2 Aggregate Base:  Aggregate Base, or AB for short, are used in road building and backfill applications.  We provide both “natural” and “Recycled” AB, both of which are classified as “Class 2” per Caltrans specifications.
 We supply many different grades of sand & dirt for various applications including concrete sand, plaster sand, fill sand, sandy loam, Caltrans engineered fill and more.  Whether you’re mixing your own concrete, building a sand box or backfilling a hole, we’ve got the material you need.
1” x #4 Gravel:  1” x #4 gravel is the primary rock used in ready-mix concrete.  It can also be used for drainage applications, backfill and as a decorative rock for hardscaping.
3/8” Pea Gravel:  Commonly called Pea Gravel, this rock is used in ready-mix concrete production, backfilling, drainage applications and as a decorative rock for hardscaping.
1 ½” Drain Rock:  Also called septic rock, 1 ½” drain rock is often used for drainage purposes, specifically in French drain or leach line systems.  It’s also a very decorative rock that can be used for hardscaping.
Ballasts:  Ballast rock is angular like crushed rock and comes in different sizes between 2 ½” and 6”.  It is used for railroad ballast as well as other applications such as a decorative rock for hardscaping, erosion control, as well as dust and track-out remediation.

Cobbles:  Decorative cobbles come in various sizes from 2” in diameter all the way up to 14”.  These aesthetic rocks are used in landscaping as dry creek beds and other hardscaping applications.  They can also be used for erosion control.
Decomposed Granite:  Also abbreviate as DG, this material can be sourced in various colors including tan, bluish-gray and gold.  DG is used as a landscaping material, for horse arena applications and to create natural looking pathways or backfilled areas.  DG can also be combined with a stabilizer to create harder more durable natural surface.

Asphalt:  Asphalt is made from sand, gravel and an oil-based binder and is used to build roads, driveways and pathways.  We supply both hot and cold asphalt, also known as coldmix.