It is our priority to make sure you have the right truck for job.

Our Trucks

At Central Valley Trucking communication is the key to success to reaching the needs of our customers. It is our priority to make sure that you have the right truck that fits your jobsite needs. Here is a list of the truck types that we have to offer and their unique applications. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact any of our helpful dispatchers.

CONCRETE MIXERS Also called “mixers”, these trucks primarily deliver ready-mix concrete and slurry however they can also deliver sand and aggregates if needed.  The materials are loaded via our batch plants in to a revolving drum on the truck.  The material is then mixed by the turning of the drum while the truck is in transit to your site.
TRANSFER TRUCK Also called “transfers”, these are dump trucks that pull a dump trailer.  This setup allows the truck to carry up to two different materials at a time.  These trucks haul asphalt, dirt and aggregates up to 14” in diameter and are primarily used when dumping in a pile is required, when there is limited access room on a site or when dumping asphalt directly into a paver is required.

Bottom Dumps Also called “bottoms” or “belly dumps”, these are units that pull trailers, which open at the bottom.  The gates can be adjusted to dump in a tight pile or a long windrow.  Bottoms typically haul asphalt, dirt and aggregates that are 1 ½” in diameter and smaller.  Our light weight trucks and trailers mean that these trucks can haul up to 28 ton making them perfect for high production projects.
Mega Dumps – Also called “super dumps”, these are dump trucks that dump from the rear like transfers but do not pull a trailer.  They can haul asphalt, dirt and aggregates up to about 6” in diameter.  The lack of a trailer make them great trucks for congested project sites or sites in which the load and unload sites are close.
End Dumps – End Dumps are 3-axle trucks that pull a semi dump trailer that dumps from the rear and are primarily used to relocate materials on or off a project site.  Dirt, aggregates, broken concrete & asphalt, construction debris and general refuse can all be hauled in an End Dump.  CVC/CVT has access to various locations throughout the valley, including our own recycle sites, to help you dispose of many of these materials.
Side Dumps – Side Dumps can do everything an End Dump can do only the trailer dumps to either side of the truck.  If you’re infilling trench, dumping over K-Rail or other railing, or dumping down a slope, our Side Dumps are the way to go.
Low Beds – Low Beds are used to haul equipment or freight from one place to another.  We run a 5-Axle and 7-Axle Low Bed and maintain permits through the State of California and various counties to help keep your equipment moving.
Crane Truck – Our Crane Truck is used by our precast division for delivering septic tanks, blocks, irrigation boxes and other precast products.  It’s also available to rent when you have something that needs to be lifted and moved on your project site.
Pneumatics -   Also called “powder trains” are used to haul dry bulk materials, primarily cement, fly ash and lime.  These trucks are equipped with a pneumatic blower that allows the driver to unload the product in to silos via a hose that attaches to the trailer.